Broodie: Due process must be followed in Potters debacle

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The fate of Potters Steelers will be known later today (Tuesday), as a final decision will be made on whether or not the team will either be removed from the ongoing playoffs or would just simply forfeit game one of their best of three semifinals series against F and G Trading Cuties Ovals Ojays.
The game came to a controversial end last Saturday after the Steelers coach refused to leave the bench when he was ejected by a referee.
President of Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association (ABBA) Carlton Brodie, spoke exclusively with OBSERVER media on the ongoing matter.
“We have received the official letter which is now in the possession of the General Secretary, Aldo McCoy. A meeting will now be held where a decision will be made on the protest.”
With 4:32 left on the clock in the fourth quarter, Potter’s coach Rowan “Tekel” Gomes was ejected but refused to remove himself from the court before receiving an explanation from the referee. Gomes’ action caused the game to be called off.
Potters officially issued a letter of protest to ABBA yesterday and will meet before a disciplinary board today in which a ruling will be made.
One of the biggest rulings will be if the game was indeed forfeited. If so, then the possibility of Potters being eliminated from the playoffs could become a reality as according to the International Basketball Federation’s (FIBA) sanctioned rules, any team that forfeits their first match in a three-game series forfeits the entire series.

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