Breaking News: Results for suspected COVID-19 cases in BVI are negative

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The following is a press release issued moments ago by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the British Virgin Islands regarding recently reported suspected cases of COVID-19:

The Ministry of Health and Social Development has successfully stood up its firstcHealth Emergency Operations Centre to lead the COVID-19 response. This team
brings together specialists from across public health under a unified leadership,
with support from additional teams to help share information, coordinate with
regional authorities, manage suspected cases, organise the logistical response,
and carry out other necessary response activities.

The Incident Commander, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Irad Potter has reported as of
March 4, a total of three (3) British Virgin Islands residents were tested by the
Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and all results were negative for the
virus that causes coronavirus disease COVID-19.

This includes a BVIslander who recently returned from an affected country and
had remained quarantined at home in accordance with established protocols.

No additional health information in relation to the testing of persons under
investigation will be reported. However, the Ministry of Health and Social
Development will continue to provide statistical updates and will alert the public
immediately upon detection of the virus.

As the COVID-19 disease continues to spread around the world and cases are
confirmed within our region, the Government remains vigilant in its monitoring and surveillance activities, public health measures, and community awareness and engagement.


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