Breaking News: Governments imposes 30 day ban on fetes, parties and social events

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Update: Festivals minister has confirmed today’s directive on public gatherings is a recommendation only. There is no official ban in place at this time

On the heels of the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Antigua, the government of Antigua and Barbuda today announced that effective immediately it has imposed a 30 day ban on all fetes, parties and similar social events as a preemptive measure to prevent the contracting and spread of the Coronavirus (vivid 19). The police will not grant any licenses for public events. The ban will be reviewed at the end of the 30 day cycle.

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  1. Good news, now ban the cruise ships from entering. This is a seriously dangerous virus that must not gain a foothold in Antigua. Hope the government has ordered testing equipment?

  2. Will this include upcoming sailing week or the ban stops just outside of it?
    Those coming in are whom to watch.
    Please be guided by other islands. We smaller than them.
    Hope we, the country, have saved for such a time

  3. Are the Government banning any overseas visitors. Few people scheduled to arrive by plane as part of Easter break. Any update appreciated ????


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