BREAKING NEWS: Escapee back in custody

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Three police officers were specifically identified to respond to a tip off and they led the operation which saw the recapture of escaped prisoner Delano Forbes who is accused of three murders.
This comes mere days after a $50,000 reward was offered for any information that would result in him being caught.
They found the 23-year-old Swetes resident in the pump house at Follies shortly after 9 p.m. Friday.
That’s according to well placed sources involved in the probe.
Forbes has been labeled the “Vampire Killer” after the police released details that several containers of what appeared to be blood were found in his home when he was first arrested for three murders in December last year.
Meanwhile, as investigations continue into the killing of All Saints resident Maurison Thomas, the police have been urging residents not to speculate about what happened and who might be responsible.
Thomas was found dead in his home several nights ago, face down in a pool of blood.
New information has come from police sources who said that they found a container of blood at the scene of that killing.
Police sources said it appears Thomas was beaten on the back of the head.
Also, lawmen found a bottle of blood in an abandoned house in Swetes the night after Thomas was killed. They are investigating to determine whether it is human blood and it’s origin.

This is the pump station in Follies where escapee Delano Forbes was recaptured on Friday night.

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