Break-in at All Saints Secondary School

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Thieves continue to break in and make life difficult for vendors who operate at the All Saints Secondary School.
The latest incident occurred late Thursday night to early Friday morning in the cafeteria of the school.
OBSERVER media contacted a vendor who has been working at the site for almost four years, who remarked, “Before we started in 2015, the school used to run it [the cafeteria], and they used to break in. From since then, and up to now, they are still breaking in.”
The vendor said that the perpetrators stole several items including boxes of juice  and snacks.
The vendor further said that the school was repeatedly made aware of the concerns of the vendors, and that they (the school) was asked to do more to secure the cafeteria.
Burglar bars were suggested as an option; as were cameras, increased lighting and increased foot patrols.
There is no indication that these warnings and suggestions were adequately heeded by school administration officials.
OBSERVER media contacted the school’s principal for comment, but he declined to do so.
Earlier this year and several times last year, the school suffered break-ins and acts of vandalism. The latter offence forced closure on at least one occasion and the government had to invest money to repaint the walls that were covered in graffiti, to include indecent language.
At least one window was broken as well by one of the vandals who threw a stone inside.
Following these incidents, Information Minister Melford Nicholas told the media, in February this year, that security cameras would be installed at the institution in an effort to catch the offenders.
He had also indicated that based upon the request of Education Minister, Michael Browne, a group of “observers-at-monitors and rapid response teams” would be available to respond whenever a report is made about suspicious activity in the vicinity of the school’s property.
Cameras were to be installed at four other secondary schools.
It’s unclear whether this was ever done and if so, if the cameras are focused on the cafeteria area which was attacked this week.

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