Brambles requests recusal of Magistrate

Washington Bramble poses for a picture after day three of her trial yesterday
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Washington Bramble has asked Magistrate Dane Hamilton Jnr to recuse himself from her matter.

Bramble has been on trial for the past few days for remarks reportedly made on Facebook in February last year about Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh for the purpose of insulting, intimidating, causing hatred, and causing enmity-all of which she denies.

After cross-examining a witness this afternoon, the defendant indicated that she was told by an Attorney of a conversation he had with the sitting Magistrate and therefore believes he is biased.

Magistrate Dexter Wason who was originally set to preside over the matter had recused himself.

The case was then handed over to Magistrate Conliffe Clarke who is now on leave.

The Magistrate will hear Bramble’s application on Tuesday.

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