BPM wants a say in who the council chooses as Senator

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The Political leader of the Barbuda Peoples Movement Trevor Walker says the BPM will insist that there be a compromise in who takes the 11th seat on the Barbuda Council.
At the moment, the council is hung with five BPM members and five Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party members.
The eleventh member is a senator who must be appointed by the council.
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OBSERVER media initially reached out to Walker for his reaction after Barbuda MP Arthur Nibbs said he would seek an amendment that would effectively allow the council to meet even if BPM members boycott.
Six members are needed at council proceedings for a quorum.
Since each side has five, the council cannot meet when the BPM members Boycott proceedings.
Nibbs made the statement after the BPM boycotted a swearing in ceremony for council committees. This was Walker’s response.
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Walker claims the BPM members have no desire to block council proceeding from going forward.
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Political leader of the BPM Trevor Walker .

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