BPM leader accused of politicising Barbuda Fisheries Complex situation

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Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs, Dean Jonas has accused the Leader of the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM), and Member of Parliament, Trevor Walker of politicising the situation between the people of Barbuda and the police officers occupying the Fisheries Complex there.
At a press briefing on Thursday, Jonas also accused, Walker of provoking the situation to escalation.
“The BPM have politicised the situation where the fisheries officers went over there to do their work and they have turned it into a big political fiasco. Because of the hostile situation that existed, that prevented them from getting on with what they were there to do. Right now, we are probably in a worst position than we were before,” Jonas said.
He continued, “I do not like when officers of the government are intimidated by persons and prevented from doing their work, and this is being done by a member of parliament in Barbuda who felt that he had to create a hostile situation just so that he can come to the media and then lie about what happened.”
The minister said the Coast Guards operate around Antigua and Barbuda with guns all the time and there was nothing different about Wednesday.
He also said that the keys to the Fisheries Complex was never turned over to the Council, nor have they been put in charge of the complex.
Meanwhile, Walker said he is not one to incite violence.
“I was the person along with my colleagues who tried to calm the situation yesterday. Minister Jonas should have come himself and give the people directives. He is trying to cover himself because what he wanted was not practical,” the Barbuda MP contended.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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