Boy in medically induced coma after fight

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A fight between two teenagers over what is said to be a “girl”, has left one in a medically induced coma and the other being hunted by the police.
Sherma Shervington told OBSERVER media, yesterday that on Friday, doctors at the Mount Saint John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) had to put her fourteen-year-old son, Devontè James, in a medically induced coma, after he was hit in the head with a stone by another boy.
 “Right now, he’s in the Intensive Care Unit, because the bone in his skull is broken and it is resting on the brain, so they have to keep him in an unconscious state,” said Shervington.
According to the mother of six, the front and back of James’ head was burst during the fight. She said that she was told he would be kept in a comatose state until a brain surgeon arrives on the island today. However, she was subsequently informed by the hospital yesterday, that the surgeon will not be available until next week. As a result, her son will be taken out of the coma briefly before the doctor arrives.
“At this point they said they will have to bring in a surgeon from overseas because they don’t have a brain surgeon here in Antigua,” Shervington said.
“They said the future looks bright and they told me that they are going to take care of everything. They are just waiting for the surgeon to come in but they said it is going to be costly.”
The mother of six who does cleaning duties said if she were asked to cover the medical bills associated with her son’s injuries, it would be an insurmountable task.
  The distraught mother said that her son, a second form student at the Princess Margaret School, was visiting relatives in the Villa Area when the incident occurred.
“When school over they pass by their aunt that lives in Villa. I get to understand it was over some girl, some mix up with some girl drama that’s where the fight stem from.”
She described her second child as being very quiet, loving and “not a trouble maker”. She said that seeing him in his current condition is taking a toll on her.
“Right now, I am very emotional. I didn’t get any sleep last night. I don’t eat from since yesterday. I am just distraught right now,” she said.
“I hope I get justice even to foot the bill or something.”
In the meantime, police said they are conducting investigations into the matter, are following strong leads and a search is on for the alleged fifteen-year old suspect.

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