Boy hospitalised after being hit by a truck

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A secondary school student was knocked down this afternoon and rushed to the Mount St John’s Medical Centre with minor injuries.
The accident occurred around 1 o clock on Sir Sidney Walling Highway, opposite the Road Safety Group sign which says “Don’t Be A ‘D’ Driver”.
OBSERVER media arrived on the scene after the ambulance took the victim, a student of the Irene B. Williams School, to hospital for treatment.
Four students from Irene B. Williams Secondary and All Saints Secondary, who were also walking with the student when the accident occurred, explained that the truck driver was speeding through the traffic light going east to west, when he lost control of the vehicle.
The truck driver swerved to avoid a bus while the students tried to get out of the way. All but one escaped and the truck driver then ran into a utility pole.
The police told the owner of the truck to call a wrecker to remove the vehicle. Officials from Antigua Public Utilities Authority say that the Sir Sydney Walling Highway area will be without electricity for at least two hours.
OBSERVER media will provide an update when more information becomes available.

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