Boost for dental care

The cheque was handed over by St John’s Lodge to the Ministry of Health (Photo contributed)
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The Ministry of Health’s dental division has been given a financial boost of almost EC$18,000 by the St John’s Lodge.

A cheque for $17,871.85 was presented at the Ministry’s headquarters on High and Long Streets in St John’s.

Among those representing the Lodge was senior dental consultant Dr Derek Marshall who spoke about the suspension of dental services at the medical division.

“Since the countrywide lockdown in March 2020, all aerosol dental procedures were terminated and many of the dental services being offered at the clinics were compromised,” he said.

Based on guidelines outlined by regional health agencies, it is essential to establish a negative pressure system before resuming aerosol pressure procedures in dental clinics.

The cheque was given to help buy items needed for the installation of negative pressure systems.

 “These pressure systems would enable the dentistry department to resume operations at the clinics,” stated Marshall.

Immediate Past Master of the Lodge, WB Lt Col Edward Croft, said, “It is indeed our pleasure to be associated with this donation. When it was brought to our attention that the citizenry and mainly our students did not have access to dental services, we said, what could we do to change that scenario?”

Croft added, “There is an area of need in respect to dental need and dental care, especially within the clinics, that were not being met, [with] children in particular. We are pleased to provide dental care to the various communities.”

Future donations are expected for the All Saints and the Blackburn polyclinics.

Health officials expressed thanks to the Lodge for its kind gesture.

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