Book provides insight into the history Old Road Village

Old Road Village is a book by Alwyn Nicholas that traces the history of the people of Old Road from the time of the European settlers to the present. It chronicles the history of religion, education, social services and local customs and practices of the people.

The book is divided into eight parts that include the history of the village; the names, occupations and accomplishments of the people; pictures of Old Road and an extended section where individuals are encouraged to answer questions about people, places and things in the village.

One general theme that runs throughout the book is a call to Old Roadians to become more entrepreneurial in their families.

The book tells readers that the fertile geography of the village provides it with a lot of resources that should be maximised through commerce for the benefit of the people of Old Road and Antigua & Barbuda.

The author, Alwyn Nicholas, is of the view that “More emphasis needs to be placed on the development of family businesses and the preservation of those businesses for future generations of Old Roadians.”

The book also speaks about the many accomplishments of the villagers or decedents of the villagers; some of whom have left Old Road and the island. Such individuals include the international soccer star Emile Heskey (whose father and grandparents are from Old Road), the professional Miami Heat basketball player Joel Anthony (whose mother and grandparents are from Old Road) and singer Eugene Paul who was born in the community.

Old Road, located on the southern side of the island, is a place that has been blessed by a number of things. Its beautiful beaches have attracted three hotels over the past five decades. The abundance of mangoes has traditionally made Old Road a transient “vacation spot” for many Antiguans during the summer months.

Old Road boasts having calypso champions such as King Smarty and Queen Ivena.  The prominent Antiguan footballer “Shiffer” also hails from Old Road, the village “Round South” that is sometimes considered to be “behind God’s back.”

Old Road Village is only available on online through Those interested in purchasing it would have to go into the “bookstore” and type in Old Road Village under “Search.”

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