Booby Alley residents asked to cooperate

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The government will be going to parliament soon to legally acquire all properties in the Booby Alley enclave in Point.
The intent is to construct condominium-style homes as part of an Urban Renewal Programme that is expected to give residents an opportunity to own better housing.
Prime Minister Gaston Brown, who is also the MP for the area, said that in order to do that, the government would have to acquire the land.
“Shortly we will be able to compulsorily acquire all the properties and we will make arrangement for them [current Booby Alley residents] to live temporarily in other places within the constituency,” he told OBSERVER media.
Another suggestion outlined by Browne is to remove some of the existing homes that are salvageable to vacant lots within the community.
Meanwhile, there are reports that there is some resistance from residents there.
But Prime Minister Browne said it would be in their best interest to cooperate with the government.
“We have met with them on several occasions and I believe, for the most part, that they understand that this is a great opportunity to improve their standard of living so I am hoping they all cooperate,” he divulged.
The prime minister opined further that the issue need not be a contentious one, declaring, “I want to appeal to all of them to cooperate fully.”
“It’s a great opportunity that they are being given. These are not funds that will be sitting indefinitely so we have to move pretty quickly to avail ourselves of the funding.”
The project, comprising mainly of rental properties, will be heavily subsidised, however Booby Alley residents with private homes will be given credit for their existing homes.

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