Bolans forfeit to Blackhawks as rain affects Two-Day cricket

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The Liberta Blackhawks remained unbeaten in the Antigua & Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA) Two-Day Competition over the weekend after claiming victory by default over Bolans at Ball Beef in Liberta.
The match was called after Bolans failed to field a starting line-up at the appointed 11 am start on the second day of the two-day affair. Points were awarded to Blackhawks after the first day’s play, on Saturday, was severely rain affected.
The situation, however, caused a stir on social media with some accusing the Blackhawks of not allowing the opponents adequate time to get to the grounds.
But the coach of the Liberta Blackhawks, Wilden Cornwall is satisfied that the opponents were given more than enough time get to the venue.
“The toss is supposed to be thrown at, I think, 25 minutes to 11 o’clock. They never arrived at that particular time and I think they arrived about 20 minutes after 11 at which time the game is supposed to already be in progress. We gave them a grace period and they didn’t meet that grace period so we decided we were going to call,” he said.
This marks the second time this season that Bolans has forfeited a match. The ‘round south’ team forfeited against All Saints some four weeks ago after they could not field a team on the match’s second day.
Player/coach of the Bolans team Earl Waldron said they are prepared to deal with whatever the consequences will be.
“I know we were late but to date, I haven’t really received the playing conditions. I was told it would come via email, but I haven’t seen that so I really don’t know the full details on the playing conditions and the circumstances under which you forfeit a game or anything like that. If it’s on the old rule I know there was a grace-period at some point,” he said.
“I am prepared to accept whatever decision they make and I hope Wilden don’t think what I am saying is that I am fighting anything,” Waldron added.
The competition was largely affected by rain over the weekend.
New Winthorpes claimed first innings points over Combined Schools when they met in New Winthorpes while Empire and Pigotts Crushers played to a draw.
Also, Jennings and CUB Bethesda ended in a draw while the math between hosts All Saints and Rising Sun was rain affected.

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