Body of St Johnston’s Village woman discovered in bushes on Wireless Road

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By Elesha George

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The Major Crimes Unit of the Royal Police Force of Antigua & Barbuda continues to investigate the death of a St Johnston’s Village woman whose body was found in bushes within a residential area on Wireless Road, on Friday morning.

The female, who police believe to be in her 50s, was found by a teenager who was cutting bushes in the area.

The boy’s grandmother told Observer that around minutes to six that morning, she heard a heavy pounding on her door.

“I say ‘why you rapping down the door so for?’ and he said ‘a dead body’, and so of course, immediately I understand why he was rapping the door like that,” she said.

The boy found the body when he went to transfer grass that he had already cut over to the other side of the road. There, he saw a fair-skinned woman lying in the bushes, motionless.

According to the grandmother, the woman still had a mask on her face.

At least two people reported hearing a scream in the early morning. A doctor arrived on the scene and pronounced the woman dead at approximately 9:38 am. Later that morning, her body was transported to the Straffies Funeral Home

It is unclear whether the woman, who still remains unidentified to the public, was a resident in the area or whether she was just passing by on her way to or from somewhere else.

After securing the body, the police placed a number of items that were found along the road into bags and took them away.

When the police left the scene of the crime, Observer media, along with residents of the area, observed a light trail of blood leading to where the woman’s body was found.

Neighbours are uneasy because of not knowing who the woman was or who could have done such a thing to her.

Many have complained about the growing bushes which are about six feet tall.

Meanwhile, the police are appealing to anyone who may have information surrounding the incident to contact the Criminal Investigation Department at 462-3913, or call Crimestoppers at 800-TIPS(8477).

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