Body building Champs, 2017

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Jr Men’s Physique: 3rd Williams, 2nd English, 1st Edwards
Jr Bodybuilding 3rd: Hunte, 2nd Knight, 1st Barnes
Masters Bodybuilding: 1st Gardner
Women’s Physique 1st: Tittle
Classic Bodybuilding: 2nd Jarvis, 1st Percival
Master’s Bikini: 1st Browne
Open Bikini: 5th Browne, 4th Roberts, 3rd Carrington, 2nd Seaforth, 1st Ephraim
Men’s Physique A: 3rd Simon, 2nd Will, 1st Jacobs
Men’s Physique B: Benjamin (sick) 2nd Shaw, 1st Hughes
Men’s Physique C: 4th Lewis, 3rd Dickerson, 2nd Gooden, 1st Edwards
Men’s Physique D: 2nd Anthony 1st English (only two)
Body Fitness: 4th Barclay, 3rd Greenaway, 2nd Lewis, 1st Braithwaite
Men’s Lightweight: 4th Knight 3rd Barnes 2nd George 1st Bailey
Men’s Middleweight: 3rd George 2nd Barnes 1st Martin
Men’s Heavyweight: 4th Gardner 3rd Francis 2nd Martin 1st Jacobs
Best Arms: Orson Martin
Best Legs: Orson Martin
Best chest and Best back: Kenny Jacobs Sr
Most Improved bodybuilder: J Barnes
Most Muscular: Kenny Jacobs
Best poser: Orson Martin
Men’s Physique overall: 1st Tony the Tiger

Mr Antigua Kenny Jacobs

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