Board implements new policy for pesticide imports

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The Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Board now has the staffing needed to implement an Act passed almost 10 years ago.

Registrar Jonah Ormond said The Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Act was passed in 2008 making it mandatory for importers to seek licenses before shipping chemicals destined for Antigua & Barbuda. However, there were delays in implementing the law.

“The regulation was passed in 2014. However due to staffing we were not able to implement them as they should have been,” he explained.

Ormond said previously, importers would take the invoices to the board, located on Friars Hill, and the responsible person would approve it once the chemical was not on the banned list.

He said the new process would ensure the quantity and chemicals being brought into the country is approved by the board, since there are chemicals the country cannot properly dispose of.


The new policy has already come into effect.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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