Black admits to writing Goal Project letter

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President of the Tryum Football Club, Keithroy Black, said he “erred” in denying he had written to FIFA asking that they investigate issues surrounding the FIFA Goal Project in Paynters.
Black, a presidential candidate in the upcoming, May 22 Antigua & Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) elections, had denied earlier this week that he had ever written to the sport’s world governing body on the issue.
Claiming he had “forgotten” that he had penned the letter in 2013, Black stated in his retraction, “I want to start by saying this because I am a big man and if I say something and I would have erred then I will say that. The other day when [on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show] I was asked about being interviewed by FIFA and that is clear that I was never interviewed by FIFA and then he went on about a letter but I had totally forgotten about that letter.”
Mortgaging of lands encompassing the FIFA funded Goal Project is said to be one of the issues investigated by FIFA and is an issue in which ABFA General Secretary Gordon Derrick has been embroiled.
Black is confident of winning the ABFA presidential race, despite efforts by “individuals” to unearth information they intend to use against his presidential bid.
“I was part of the Antigua & Barbuda Fencing Federation and I received a call from the federation saying that people are making calls to the federation for information to destroy me,” Black said. “They have a young man … trying to get information to destroy Keithroy Black but I’ve done nothing wrong.”
The football association polls will be held on May 22 at the Multipurpose Cultural Center at Perry Bay.

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