Bird-Browne plans to fast- track government housing

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Maria Bird-Browne, a political newcomer with a newly formed ministry, said she is concerned about the pace of the government’s housing project.
She said however, she is up for the challenge.
“The only challenge I foresee is the slow movement of the housing project, however, I hope on ramping that up and making things happen faster in terms of the supply of the housing stock. I intend to take the housing development to the different constituencies throughout the country and I believe I will be successful in doing so,” Bird-Browne said.
Meanwhile, Bird-Browne, who is the wife of the prime minister, Gaston Browne, said she will do her best for her constituents as well.
She said she expected to beat the other candidates in the St. John’s Rural East constituency. She received more than 2,000 votes while none of her opponents received more than 1,000 votes.
“What I can say is that I did the work and I made some very good connections with my constituents and I did not foresee… it being that large, but, I did see a victory,” she said.
Bird-Browne is the youngest person to be elected to Parliament in Antigua and Barbuda at just 26 years old.
She has since been appointed minister of housing, lands and urban renewal. She is also the junior minister of legal affairs, public safety and labour.

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