Billboards don’t win elections – UPP’s Lovell

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Political leader and prime ministerial candidate of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Harold Lovell said his party is looking to win the hearts and minds of the people by interacting with them directly instead of spending money on election paraphernalia.
His statement came in a recent Observer media interview when asked about the seeming dearth of UPP promotional material for the March 21 general election. Streets, vehicles, and buildings have been bedecked with Labour Party flags, banners and stickers, while its billboards have been mushrooming across the city.
“We’re not spending our money on paraphernalia; I mean we’ve come up with a different approach. Our approach is really touching flesh, meeting people face-to-face, and touching people’s hearts and heads, and challenging their minds,” he stated.
According to Lovell, “posters don’t win elections, billboards don’t win elections, people do.”
The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party
(ABLP)  has leveraged the party’s ability to set the election date to its advantage and it has left the opposition parties to play catch-up.  At a recently held business event held by the UPP, an attendee was heard commenting that she had not seen any UPP official in her community, while the ABLP has been ever present.
A party official proffered the varying sizes of the constituencies as a reason that such a perception might be held by some, however, the official said that they will be ratcheting up their campaigning and would have covered all constituencies by election day.
The UPP’s next big event is on Sunday, a week after it officially launched its campaign. In contrast, the ABLP has had almost daily meetings across the constituencies.
Last month, a mock election on electoral processes conducted by the Free and Fair Election League handed the UPP victory, though the result was rubbished by the ruling party as unscientific. Meanwhile, a poll commissioned by the ABLP and conducted by pollster Peter Wickham had the incumbent ABLP retaining power.

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