Bikini Fitness Pro eyes several qualifying events

Kimberly Ephraim-Percival
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by Carlena Knight

One of Antigua’s professional bodybuilders, Kimberly Ephraim-Percival, said she has begun training and is eyeing several regional pro competitions for this year.

Ephraim-Percival, who competes in the Bikini Fitness arena, added that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, she has no plans to compete outside of the region.

The former sportswoman of the year did, however, mention that she is hoping to qualify for the World championships which will be held in Spain.

“I am trying my best to take advantage on those competitions potentially being held in the region. I know St Maarten should be having an event at the end of July, so I am prepping and depending on where I am at and how satisfied I am with my final look then I will follow through on that show. I think Miami as well, should be having an event in July and there’s also an event potentially in September, so I definitely have my eye on a few things,” Ephraim-Percival said while speaking on the Good Morning JoJo Sports show on Tuesday.

“It’s definitely not going to be as many events as I would have attended outside of Covid, but I am definitely going to try my hand at a few events to hopefully qualify for the World Champs and in that case, I will brave the flight to Spain,” she said jokingly.

Ephraim-Percival did indicate that herself and the other pro athletes have been trying to adapt to the new normal and are presently in training with the recent reopening of gyms in the country.

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