Bidding farewell to Paul Roos

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Family, friends and fellow mariners took to the seas on Saturday to bid farewell to much-loved dive instructor, Paul Roos.

A fleet of vessels accompanied the Jolly Dive owner on his final voyage as he was buried in the ocean he loved.

The long-time Jolly Harbour resident died on January 13 of a haemorrhagic stroke. Many flew in from overseas to join Saturday’s burial and ceremony which departed from Jolly Harbour Marina. Later, Roos’ loved ones from near and far congregated on Jolly Beach to pay their final respects.

Son-in-law, Matt Wilson, told Observer, “The family was really touched by the outpouring of love and support and hearing all the stories about Paul from all the years.”

Roos was born at sea on a boat in the Indian Ocean. He spent the first few years of his life in Holland and later lived in the US before moving to Antigua in the 1970s. Before opening Jolly Dive, he ran an excursion catamaran, the Kokomo Cat.

Bon voyage, Paul!

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