BERMUDA-COURT-Jamaican loses drug smuggling appeal

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HAMILTON, Bermuda, May 25, CMC – A Kingston electrician has lost his appeal against a lengthy prison sentence for drug smuggling.
Tyrone Brown, 31, was last year jailed for 15 years for trying to smuggle packages of cocaine through the airport in his baggage.
Brown launched an appeal against his conviction and sentence, both of which have been dismissed by the Court of Appeal. Judges ruled that the sentence was not “manifestly excessive”.
After the short hearing, Brown was returned to prison to continue serving his sentence.
During last October’s seven-day Supreme Court trial, jurors heard that Brown arrived on the island six months earlier on a flight from Miami, having left Jamaica earlier that day.
He appeared “nervous and fidgety” when speaking to customs officials, saying he had come to Bermuda on holiday but was not planning on meeting anyone, and a body search revealed nothing.
However, the following day, when his checked luggage arrived on the island, officers searched it and discovered a black handbag inside.
Hidden inside the handbag were two packages of cocaine with an estimated street value of between US$95,000 and US$132,000.
When he was sentenced, Brown told the court he was a “respectful man” who never dreamt he would be before the courts in such a position.

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