Benta unsure as ABSCA election nears

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Sitting president of Antigua & Barbuda Softball Cricket Association (ABSCA), Veronique Benta, said any decision to seek re-election to the post would be made on the night of the association’s AGM slated for January 23.

Benta, who will face opposition from Javid “Goody” Goodwin, a member of her present executive said her decision should not affect her campaign ability heading into the elections.

“I do think by now that most of the clubs or whomever the representatives of the clubs that will come to the meeting that will vote, they know Miss Benta. They know what Miss Benta is all about, and they know what Miss Benta is hoping to bring to the table,” she said.

Should she decide to pursue a second two-year term as head of the Softball Cricket Association, Benta believes her work should speak for itself.

“We have lifted the standard of the game. There has been more fair play even though you may have been hearing a lot of propaganda in the media lately. There has been better fair play and even with the prize-giving and awards ceremony, I think this year we have achieved and I should say stepped up to the plate,” Benta said.

“When we got in first, I am sure you heard people were saying that they got $200 because in essence with the sponsorship we had little (finances) to operate on. Last year, Caribbean Alliance came on and they decided to give us $50,000, so I think last year the teams were more satisfied with their prize monies,” she added.

“The individual awardees were also satisfied with their winnings, and overall, persons were saying that there was remarkable improvement. Even the sponsors wrote in and said how happy they are to be affiliated with the Softball Cricket Association.

Benta suggested that it is time for players and other members of the Association to come to the realisation that the job is a demanding one and that working together is the only way to improve the standard.

“Clubs thinking about the Association and softball cricket on a whole would want Miss Benta to continue the work she has begun. I think trying to get the softball cricketers to see that softball cricket is not just about one person or the executive because it is a strenuous job just to get them to realise that, because we need to support our own, to love our own, so that we can be above the high-ranking sports in Antigua,” she said.

Stalwart player Mandy Weatherhead has also reportedly expressed a desire to contest the upcoming elections, although he had not made his intentions public.

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