Benna Boys slip two places in latest FIFA Rankings

The Benna Boys are currently ranked 128 amongst the 210 ranked countries in FIFA.
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By Neto Baptiste

There was downward movement for Antigua and Barbuda in the latest Coca Cola FIFA Men’s Rankings published on October 21.

The Benna Boys are currently ranked 128 amongst the 210 ranked countries in FIFA but were, in September ranked 126th amongst the same number of teams.

Antigua and Barbuda exited the ongoing men’s World Cup Qualifiers in June this year after failing to advance from group play in the CONCACAF round of the competition. The Benna Boys had beaten US Virgin Islands 3-0 on March 27 before drawing 2-2 against Montserrat on March 24. They then defeated Grenada 1-0 here in Antigua on June 4 before going under to El Salvador by a 3-0 margin four days later.

Belgium are still top of the world rankings, a position they have held since October 2018 when they supplanted France. The French, on the back of their Nations League win this month, have moved back into the top three and sit behind Brazil.

There were 160 internationals played in October with World Cup qualifiers in full flow around the world’s confederations.

Brazil have narrowed the gap on Belgium to 12 points and with Argentina (ranked sixth) are the only two South American teams in the top 10. CONCACAF’s Mexico are ranked eight, all other teams in the top 10 are from Europe.

England dropped from third to fifth in the ranking while Spain’s and Germany, began moves back up the ranking.

 Meanwhile, in the women’s rankings, Antigua and Barbuda sits in the 160th slot amongst 168 ranked teams. The last women’s rankings was posted in August this year.

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