Benjamin stands his ground re transfer of murderer, says he will be moved back once well

Minister with responsibility for prisons Steadroy Cutie Benjamin (file photo)
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By Latrishka Thomas

Despite protests and petitions, murderer Umberto Schenato will remain at the Fiennes Institute for the time being.

That was the word from Minister of Public Safety, Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin, who sought to explain the murderer’s transfer from prison.

“Let it be known very clearly that Mr. Umberto is at the Fiennes Institute as a patient, not as a prisoner. Mr. Umberto was a patient at the Mount St. John’s hospital. He is still receiving medical treatment and it was thought fitting that he should not remain in the hospital any longer, but he could not be returned to Her Majesty’s Prison because they haven’t got the medical equipment and other services which he required.

“It was thought by the medical officials that he be placed in an institution where he could be cared for and where he would receive the necessary medical attention,” he explained.

Benjamin however declared that Umberto will be taken back to the prison once he is no longer ill.

He said: “as soon as he recovers, or is in a position to take care of himself, he will be sent back to Her Majesty’s Prison to continue his sentence.”

Nevertheless, the attorney general sough to inform the public that there are Human Rights conventions at play.

“We must remember that we are all signatories to the Human Rights conventions around the world, and even when there is a war, there are conventions that prisoners of war should not be mistreated. That situation applies in this case as well,” he added.

In 2013, Umberto murdered his former wife of 18 years, Edda Schenato, in the Epicurean parking lot.

And in 2016, the Italian-born engineer, was sentenced to spend 20 years behind bars, but just recently, the 80-year-old was moved to the Fiennes Institute reportedly due his declining health.

Just last week, on the seven-year anniversary of the murder of Edda Schenato, protestors gathered in front of the elderly care facility expressing their outrage over the transfer of the convict.

A petition started by those protestors has garnered over 800 signatures in just one week.

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