Belize, Guatemala agree on enforcement of criminal sentences

BELIZE CITY, Aug. 11, CMC – Belize and Guatemala have agreed on the enforcement of criminal sentences, that allows persons convicted of crimes to serve time in their native countries.

According to local reports, the purpose of the agreement is to maintain and strengthen friendly bilateral relations until the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute is resolved .

The agreement further states that the convict should be informed of the provisions within the agreement and the process of their transfer.

The agreement will run for 10 years and is automatically renewed unless one side, through a written diplomatic note, terminates the agreement, which will take effect one year after such termination is announced.

The agreement is based on “a framework for negotiations and measures to promote trust between Guatemala and Belize” that was signed on September 7 2005.

It is also based on another agreement signed by both country’s foreign ministers in Washington on January 24, 2014 – that agreement aims at strengthening bilateral relations between both countries.