Behavioural change programme to be expanded to more schools

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Four schools on the island are expected to form part of an extended education programme, aimed at boosting self-awareness.
Dr Nicola Bird says this continued programme – dubbed S.E.L.F- or Social Emotional Learning Facilitation is geared towards teaching children how to cope with emotional changes as they get older.
The programme which was initially funded by the Antigua and Barbuda government, was piloted in one school in 2015 – its success led to this expansion.
She says it had helped students develop positive behaviour and perform better in the classroom and to better settle disputes, while it has also aided teachers in how to help manage the students’ behavior and conflict.
Dr Bird is a psychotherapist and the founder of Self-Imaging Therapy (SIT) and is now working as a director on the programme alongside with Dr Leslie Walwyn.
The doctor says the programme also aims to de-stigmatize mental health issues.
They will also be working within the community with parents, girls guide and scouts.

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