Bay Street Man Arrested on Suspicion of Drugs Trafficking

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Andre Simmons of Dickenson Bay Street was arrested by the police on suspicion of drug trafficking, as investigations continue into a quantity of Drugs found at the General Post Office.
It is alleged that Simmons went to the General Post Office on Wednesday to clear a package which comprises two speakers. Having been told by the customs officer on duty that the package must be examined, he cited that he needs to use the bathroom and disappeared from the area. The speaker boxes were examined and two packages of Cannabis, weighing a total of 244.5grams, along with 99 Ecstasy capsules were concealed inside of them. The package originated out of Canada. The drugs were seized and taken to the police station, and Simmons was arrested and taken into custody. He is likely to be charged in connection with the offence.
Meantime, the Police and Customs K-9 Units continue to make significant inroads into the illicit drugs trade on the island. As recent as Wednesday, the dogs detected over 21 pounds of Cannabis hidden among food items at the Deep Water Harbour. During one of their routine checks at the port, the dogs gave off an indication on two barrels with various food items inside. The barrels were searched and two large packages wrapped in green saran plastic wrap were found with 21 ¾ pounds of Cannabis. The drugs were seized and taken to Police Headquarters pending further investigations into the matter.

Andre Simmons of Dickenson Bay Street

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