Basketball behind Bars returns

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The Basketball Behind Bars programme will make its return after a four month pause.
BBB as it is affectionately known, will return on December 3 at Her Majesty’s Prison.
 The programme, which first began in 2015 by Carl and Oleno Knight and Superintendent Albert Wade, has seen a number of teams that play in the national leagues visit the prison to play competitive matches against a team made up of inmates known as the Reformers.
The very public event has won the hearts of many who see it as a rehabilitation tool for inmates.
“It’s been a long pause but we are back and will host this event just before the week of Christmas events the prison usually hosts,” said Carl Knight, one of the BBB organisers.
The former national player and first sportsman of the year also spoke on how it feels to interact with the reformers and the event itself.
“We have been doing this now for two years and it’s truly a blessing. This programme was created as an avenue for the guys to work on different skills and behavioural traits and you can see the results happening right before you.
“I’ve always been happy and humbled to work with the guys and the event itself is a heart warming experience as they get to play in front of their family and friends and just look towards something positive.”
  The Reformers will face Barbuda 2 starting at 2 p.m. on Sunday.

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