Basketball Academy Camp ends on high note

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The Digicel Mahijah Davis Basketball Academy Youth Summer Camp/Clinic climaxed on the 20th of August with another successful and highly electrified ending.

Footworks were the main focus of this summer camp and having 25 campers wasn’t an easy task to see who was going to walk away with the best footworks token.

It was two hectic weeks of constantly trying to get the youngsters to find their footing and stop rev-up to move off with the basketball to commit a travelling violation.

Zidane Bradshaw and Nicholas Christian were both front runners for the best foot works but on the 9th day of the camp/clinic, Bradshaw found his swag and got nicer with his foot works while displaying exceptional ball handling skills and captured the best foot works of the camp.

Christian was awarded tokens for second in line for foot works and good knowledge for the game.

Nathan captured the best showman title, Selina Murphy got the youngest camper award while Dante Farquhar got most discipline.

Tyrese Bonny took home the most steals and energetic gift while Noah Massiah grabbed the most knowledgeable award of the rules that governs the game of basketball. Dajon George was super outstanding in the small department by dominating all the other small players and earn himself his trophy and knowledge of the game cap. To topped off the award ceremony, Jahzara Donavon won the rookie of the camp token and has great potential although this is the first outing for her playing the sport.

We want to thank our platinum sponsor Digicel for standing with the MDBA and making this event a remarkable success. Thanks to our gold sponsor Citizens By Investment Unit (CIU) for believing in the program and showing the MDBA love. Thanks also goes out to Island Original, VCNG, Allen Design and Screen Printing, Kentae Electrical Service and Michael Freeland.

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