Barred football election candidate ‘weighing’ his options

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Former national and Empire footballer, Lennie Quashie, said he is currently “weighing his options” and will make a decision shortly as to how he will handle a decision to bar him from contesting the pending Antigua & Barbuda Football Association’s (ABFA) elections.
Quashie is one of two players denied by the ABFA’s Ad Hoc Electoral Committee this week, from contesting the May 22 elections.
Quashie was slated to contest a vice presidency spot on the Keithroy Black slate while popular football figure Devon Joseph, who was also barred from running, was to contest an Ordinary Member position.
Speaking with OBSERVER media on Tuesday, Quashie said he was in receipt of a letter from the ABFA, which indicated he had been barred for both the non-submittal of a police record and his passport bio page.
Both documents had been requested by the FA as part of the vetting process.
Asked if he will appeal the decision, the former midfielder only said that he is weighing his options and will make a statement at the appropriate time.    
Meanwhile Joseph, who was barred after the club that initially nominated him denied ever doing so, said he has sought advice from his lawyer on the matter.
“I have already sent the letter overseas, the article [of the constitution] that Banks [Gordon Derrick] quoted in the letter, to a very good friend of mine who is the president of another association overseas but I don’t have much to say on this matter because it is a legal issue. After I have gotten advice from the lawyer, I will make an announcement,” he said. 
Joseph is still contending that his nomination is legit.
“The same guy who signed the letter, Chestley Browne, 95 per cent or more of the times the contact between Old Road club and the ABFA is done with the same Chestley Browne and everything they want, they call Chestley,” he said. 
One other potential candidate, Ickford Roberts, was also struck from the list by the Ad Hoc Committee. Investigations revealed however that Roberts had failed to accept his nomination.

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