Barbudans to remain at Anchorage Inn a while longer

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Barbudans, who were to be evicted from the Anchorage Inn on December 27, 2017 will be allowed to stay at the hotel until January 5, 2018. This most recent development follows a meeting yesterday between the managers at the hotel and Molwyn Joseph, the health minister.
The government has been renting the hotel at a reduced cost, to provide shelter for about 50 Barbudans who were relocated to Antigua following the devastation of hurricane Irma in September. They were presented with an eviction notice on December 27, telling them that they would have to leave the same day. The notice was issued by the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS).
That same day the manager of Anchorage Inn also notified the Barbudan guests that they would be offered a discounted rate of U.S. $98 per night if they wanted to remain there. However, while speaking in Parliament on Thursday, Joseph said he was able to negotiate a last-minute deal to extend their stay while the government made alternative arrangements.
“We will proceed with haste to ensure that the nurse’s hostel becomes available if necessary. We are also working to complete some facilities in Barbuda. There is a sports complex which is being renovated and that will become available in short order,” Joseph said.
In the eviction notice dated December 20, Philmore Mullin, director of NODS, advised the Barbudans that arrangements are being made to accommodate people on the sister island. The disaster agency said it would also provide assistance to anyone who needs to get his belongings to Barbuda.
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