Barbudans petition for Senator Nedd’s removal

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A petition requesting the removal of Barbuda Senator Knacyntar Nedd has garnered 200 signatures and has now reached the desk of Governor General Sir Rodney Williams.

The petition demands that Sir Rodney perform his Constitutional duty by dis-appointing Senator Nedd.

Diann Beazer-Jeffers, the spokesperson for the group which organised the petition — #antiguabarbudaunite – said that Senator Nedd has not provided “representation that Barbudans are feeling”.

“It’s null; it’s nil” Beazer-Jeffers said of Nedd’s advocacy for the Barbudan cause. “There should really be an APB sent out for her. She’s been MIA for the last 765 days … over two years now she hasn’t inhabited Barbuda.”

The petition claimed that “Nedd’s initial senatorial appointment violated section 30(1)(g) of the Constitution, as she was actively serving in public office, as a member of the Barbuda Council at the time of her appointment.”

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