Barbudans get notice to move

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Barbudans living as tenants at Anchorage Inn have been given an eviction notice.
And, they are outraged because the notice given to them today, December 27th, tells them they have to move today, December 27th.
The notice was written by the National Office of Disaster Services, and delivered by a manager at the Anchorage Inn.
Althea Nedd, one of the affected Barbudans, says it is an awful development.
She says while they were told three weeks ago they would have to move, they were not given a date, even though they repeatedly asked.

She says no one offered any explanation to the Barbudans when the notice was given. Nedd says they have no idea whether there would be an extension of time to move.
There are approximately 50 Barbudans at the hotel which is being rented by the government, at a reduced rate, for the Barbudans following the devastation of hurricane Irma in September.
The National office of Disaster Services says an offer remains on the table to help the Barbudans at the Inn. The offer is to help them to return to the sister isle, and fix those homes with levels one and two damage.
But, Nedds says this offer does not help her since her house was destroyed, and most people staying at the Anchorage Inn, are in the same position as she is.
Well, NODS says shelters are being set up, and other help is also being offered to those whose homes were destroyed. Philmore Mullin, who heads the organisation, says two shelters are being prepared to accommodate the people.
He says many Barbudans have been reluctant to return and have said they will remain in Antigua, even if it means renting a place for themselves.
However, Nedd and her relatives are asking, why did they get a notice to move if the preparations to accommodate them are not yet complete.

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