Barbudans fight back

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Barbudans in the diaspora have called on the Gaston Browne administration to produce a formal report of all monies committed to date toward the recovery of Barbuda in addition to details of plans for future use of all recovery funds.
The demand was made during a meeting in London yesterday with the prime minister.
PM Browne had agreed to meet with the delegation headed by Annette Henry in the U.K. on Tuesday, after Barbudans in the diaspora had written to the Commonwealth Secretariat calling on the Commonwealth Heads of Government to address what they describe as “human rights injustices and failing democracy in the wake of Hurricane Irma.”
In the letter, the Barbudans hold PM Browne responsible for “hostile actions taken by his government against Barbudans”.
According to the letter, it is unacceptable that the people of Barbuda are being treated this way and that it is time for the international community to stop condoning these actions with their silence.
During the meeting, the representatives of the Barbuda diaspora proposed an Action Plan for Democracy and Barbuda’s Sustainable Recovery, that require immediate action from the Government of Antigua and Barbuda on a number of issues.
Apart from the formal report of monies committed to the post Irma recovery of Barbuda and details of plans for future use of recovery funds, the action plan calls for the immediate return of essential services, including access to running water and electricity to all Barbudans living in Barbuda through the prioritisation of government funds and resources.
It also calls for the Barbuda Council to gain direct access to manage the use and disbursement of funds applied directly to the recovery of homes and community facilities, and for full disclosure of and consultation with Barbudans on the government’s intentions and proposed plans to change the Barbuda Land Act, 2007 and on any plans and partnerships underway for the development of Barbuda.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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