Barbudans call for a new transportation plan

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Barbudans are appealing to the government to use some of the monies donated to rebuild the island to invest in improved transportation between mainland Antigua and the sister isle Barbuda.
The entire island was evacuated last month after Hurricane Irma destroyed 90 percent of the infrastructure, but over 1,700 residents who are now ready to return home are finding it difficult.
That’s because the current available options do not have the capacity to carry them all in the timeframe they desire.
Lynton Thomas, a Barbudan evacuee and former Barbuda senator, expressed what he felt was the widespread sentiment of the residents. “There is enough money being donated that we can even purchase a ferry…Take one million dollars and get a ferry to take the people of Barbuda to and fro.”
“Right now, we desperately need a ferry.”
Yesterday, nearly 100 Barbudans were left disappointed at the Heritage Quay dock after being told that there was a lack of seating for them on the vessel, resulting in them being turned away.
Thomas said he is not satisfied with the process by which Barbudans are being selected to return home.
“Some people have gone over four and five times and some haven’t gone even twice yet,” Thomas stated. 
The Barbudan Express is the vessel being used to transport residents between the two islands. It seats 57 passengers per trip, and right now it is only doing one round-trip per day.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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