Barbudan medic says robust educational campaigns could reduce vaccine hesitancy in Antigua

Dr Jeremy Deazle
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By Carlena Knight

Barbuda’s resident doctor Jeremy Deazle believes that in order for vaccine hesitancy to be overcome the educational campaign needs to be ramped up.

Dr Deazle made the suggestion during an Observer Radio interview while reflecting on the impressive vaccine figures on the sister isle where the majority of the population has now been inoculated.

“You have to educate persons. One of the things that I keep on telling persons, instead of going online and looking on social media for someone to tell you something they don’t know, then look at the facts around you. Educating the person and letting them know the importance of the vaccines, these are what we should use to educate persons and let them know. Some people will become convinced and want to take the vaccine,” Dr Deazle said.

The medical official credits Barbuda’s education campaign with the vaccine rollout’s success.

“We have been getting good feedback for the vaccine. I think persons can become more aware once you educate them; I think that’s the best route. Persons have been calling us daily about their concerns and we have been responding as best as we can. So, our vaccine number is, last time I checked, 1,300 and we are doing quite well. We do have some workers that travel in from Antigua to Barbuda to work so these persons as well are in the count,” he added.

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