Barbudan fishers receive six new fishing boats

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District Emergency and Disaster Coordinator for the Salvation Army, Major Nana Agyemang, collected the keys for six new fishing boats, on behalf of Barbudan fishermen, yesterday at Outdoor World, Automotive Art, Old Parham Road.
The fishing boats along with 11 outboard engines were donated by Outdoor World, partners of Automotive Art.
The receipt of fishing vessels and fishing gear is part of an effort by the Salvation Army to assist in the recovery of Barbuda’s fishing industry after it was hard hit when the island was devastated by Hurricane Irma last September.
“We realised that fishing is one of the most important economic activities of Barbuda and we decided to set up a project to assist in that area,” Agyemang said in an exclusive interview with OBSERVER media immediately following the handing-over ceremony.
Agyemang also explained that the boats will be given to selected people.
“We have criteria for selection, we made several trips to Barbuda, we consulted with the fishermen association, and have had one-to-one talks with persons who have lost their boats. From that we have selected six individuals who will receive the boats.”
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