Barbuda trip ‘not a show’: FA’s technical director vows more inclusion for sister isle

Technical director Sowerby Gomes (centre) shares a moment with youngsters on Barbuda after distributing footballs and other equipment during a trip last week (Photo adapted from ABFA social media page)
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By Neto Baptiste

A recent Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) initiative on Barbuda will not be a one-off, and will lead to a more inclusive approach regarding players from the sister isle.

This is according to technical director Sowerby Gomes, who said the next step in the process would see coaches in Barbuda invited to take part in the FA’s next D licence course as they aim to improve the level of tutoring on the sister isle.

“On our next initiative of our D licence programme we have already earmarked three particular applicants who will be coming up from Barbuda to be part of our D licence workshop. Our aim is to get them fully educated and certified so they can teach the game of football the right way in Barbuda,” he said.

“We would have given them equipment, we have a gentleman on the ground in Barbuda in Jerry Caleb who is operating from a management standpoint. We have approached the schools but the aim is that those particular individuals earmarked for football development in Barbuda, they will be coming over to Antigua to participate in our next workshop,” he added. 

Gomes and a team from the ABFA, visited Barbuda last week where they distributed equipment including footballs, cones and other crucial gear.

According to reports, the TD visited both the Holy Trinity Primary and the Sir McChesney George Secondary schools during the one-day initiative.

Gomes said plans will eventually lead to Barbuda’s participation in the FA’s competitions.

“That is the aim but we first have to start with the coach because the coach will train these athletes, get them all prepared and then we look to merge them into our primary league here in Antigua,” he said.

The next ABFA D licence course will be held in January.

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