Barbuda travel fee to help pay for dockside bathrooms

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by Gemma Handy

[email protected]

Barbuda Council members hope a small forthcoming levy on travel to and from the sister isle will help raise much-needed money for the cash-strapped body.

A EC$5-dollar fee will soon be charged to all passengers arriving and departing Barbuda by sea.

Council chair Jackie Frank told Observer the body hoped to build bathrooms at River Dock with the revenue raised.

But she rejected claims in last week’s notes released by Cabinet which said the money would be used to build a new terminal at the port and to beef up security for passengers.

She said no meeting had taken place between the council and central government to discuss port upgrades.

Frank said the council was keen to help Barbuda to become more financially sound and that members were still discussing how best to use any funds generated. 

She conceded the small fee would not raise a vast amount. The daily ferry with its capacity of 50-plus people could collect around EC$250 per trip.

Frank added that an environmental impact assessment would be undertaken before the port’s bathroom facilities are built.

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