Barbuda Senator gives back

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By Latrishka Thomas

Special needs children in Barbuda were not forgotten during the Christmas season.

Barbuda Senator Knacyntar Nedd made sure of that when she distributed care packages to 10 special-needs children in Barbuda who were all under the age of 18.

The Senator explained the reason she decided to donate to those children saying “I just sat down one day and figured that I needed to give back more to Barbuda, to the community and then I was brainstorming in what way I could do it because I realize everybody- when I say everybody, I mean like the churches, social groups – was just giving back to elderly… so then I just thought of special needs children.”

According to Nedd, parents were very grateful for the towels, toiletries, and other essentials as well as the toys were also sponsored by Senator Mary Claire Hurst and Senator Phillip Shoul.

The government senator also shared that she pledged to give more attention to the special-needs children in Barbuda after parents explained that “nobody ever gives them any attention.”

“Differently from Christmas, they don’t get much attention from any organization whatsoever which I found very strange seeing as special needs children and adults get a lot of attention in Antigua.

“So, I had a little conversation with them and they explained to me some of the problems that they had and I made a pledge to them that I will try my best to look into it and see what assistance I could get for them,” Nedd stated while explaining that some children are not able to afford the well needed physiotherapy along with other essentials.

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