Barbuda reunion spokesperson refutes claims of national flag discussion

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Spokesperson for the planning committee of the Barbuda Rising Homecoming committee, Darlene Beazer, in an interview with OBSERVER media yesterday, refuted the claim made in a report by another media entity that Barbudans are having discussions on having their own flag.
“We do not have a discussion going about having a national flag because we realise that the word national comes from the root word nation and we are not a nation unto ourselves. So, there is no way that we could have suggested that we want a national flag. There is a flag but it is under the theme Barbuda rising. So, to label something what it is not is sending out fake news and it’s causing confusion,” Beazer said.
Her comments come after the online news agency selectively “cut and pasted” information from an old Barbuda related social media post and a recent press release about the homecoming event.
She explained that the reunion has been bringing people together and added that there has not even been any discussion about separation from Antigua but instead, discussions have surrounded the themes of infrastructure, education, empowerment and programmes to make the community better.
Beazer said that she has no idea where the story of discussions about a Barbuda national flag originated as she reiterated that there is no intention of having a national flag because there is nothing but respect for the existing national flag of Antigua and Barbuda.
She stressed that the national anthem of the twin island state has been sung at the beginning of every event that the committee has hosted because there is nothing but love for country.
The spokesperson for the Barbuda Rising Homecoming committee called the “rumour” about the flag misplaced and said she thinks that the news was fabricated to cause a rift between Antiguans and Barbudans in an effort to minimise support for the reunion exercise. She revealed that she assisted in the completion of the flag in question. The original concept for the flag came from former councilman Hakim Akbar. Beazer then assisted in putting meaning to the various symbols and colours of the flag.
The spokesperson also stressed that the objectives of the reunion have been realised. She stated that sense of community has been restored and that the spirit of the people has returned. She recalled that the thanksgiving church service was epic and the socialisation at the subsequent thanksgiving lunch and reception was inspiring.
She added that there has been nothing but positive feedback from participants and she has been overwhelmed by the participation and energy that has come from the various activities. 
The Barbuda Rising Homecoming is the first of its kind and its aim is to bring Barbudans at home and across the diaspora together to reconnect with each other, their homeland and their heritage by proactively rebuilding the island with vision, purpose and fortitude, and restoring hope values and identity through a week of programmes from Saturday July 21 to Friday 27.
Some of the activities include a village clean up, combined thanksgiving service, exhibition, health and wellness fair, beach picnic and a family fun day. 

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