Barbuda family threatens to sue police for alleged brutality

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A family is threatening to bring legal action against the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda for what they say is police brutality.
Maryam Webber told OBSERVER media that her two sons are in police custody and one of them was beaten by Barbuda police in an alleged case of mistaken identity.
But, according to police sources, the two young men were throwing stones at a Jamaican man when an altercation began.
One of Webber’s sons allegedly threatened to stab the Jamaican and a police report was made.
A source on the sister isle told OBSERVER media that the police went to arrest both Barbudan men and one of them allegedly began resisting arrest and fighting with two young police officers.
Their mother, Maryam Webber says this is far from the truth, and she says the youth were in custody up to last evening after they were allegedly beaten by lawmen.
Other family members called the Attorney General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin yesterday in an effort to resolve this matter, who in turn reportedly called the Barbuda police.
They claim that police recruits have a tendency to be hostile towards Barbudans. They say this behaviour was most evident during the recently held Caribana festival.

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