Barbuda election case resumes today

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The lawyer, who is seeking an interim injunction from the High Court to stop Barbuda’s constituents from voting in Antigua, said he met yesterday’s deadline to respond to an application from the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC).
Attorney Charlesworth Tabor, who represents the claimant Trevor Walker of the opposition Barbuda People’s Movement, said the court gave him until 3:30 p.m. yesterday to respond to the Commission’s lawyer, Patricia Simon-Forde.
“I filed my submissions at 9 o’clock [yesterday] morning and this is in response to the application that my learned friend made on [Tuesday] that the court has no jurisdiction to hear our application, saying that because it was an election matter and we would have to wait until the election is completed on the 21st of March in order to file a petition to the court,” he said.
The lawyer said the law does not allow for the election to be conducted outside of the constituency and this is what his client, Walker, is trying to avoid happening.
Tabor added, “Our contention is that our application is in order because we are not challenging an election, so it does not have to come by way of an election petition.”
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