Barbuda Council workers face late salaries again

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Barbuda Affairs Minister Arthur Nibbs is encouraging Barbudans to embrace foreign direct investment to help relieve recurring problems in meeting the payroll of the Barbuda Council.

The ABLP had cleared a backlog of wages of several weeks in recent times but wages are now around two weeks in arrears, leading council workers to raise concerns that arrears could build once again. Nibbs was asked about plans to clear the backlog…

Nibbs however says he understands the struggles of those who have not been paid.

The Barbuda Council employs 582 people and the council budgeted over 16 million dollars for wages and salaries in 2017 out of a total budget of around 23 million dollars.
The 2017 Barbuda Council budget also estimates 9 million dollars in subsidies from the central government.

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