Barbuda Council members reject location of a hotel

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The location for a proposed hotel development project on the sister-isle is a point of contention among members of the Barbuda Council.
Council-woman Asha Frank says there is no objection to the development actually taking place.
However, Frank says that after doing due-diligence and research, some members on both sides of the council thought that it would be in the best interest of all involved if the project was taken to another location.
Thus, the first proposal was rejected. The developer then down-scaled the project to include less rooms but never changed the location, despite the Department of Environment citing that as a major reason the first proposal was not approved.
The councilwoman said that before the meeting, she and her colleague Kendra Beazer decided to do some research on the background of the project.
Currently, the council is waiting official word from the Department concerning whether or not approval will be given with the new proposal.
The Lighthouse Bay Resort and the Barbuda Belle Luxury Beach Hotel are two properties that are already built in the lagoon area and their construction caused significant uproar among locals.

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