Barbuda Council leases Dulcina Hotel to Maria Browne and her father

A 2007 photograph of the Dulcina hotel ( photo)

Leader of the Barbuda People’s Movement, (BPM) Trevor Walker has expressed grave concern over an agreement to lease Purcell Bird and his daughter, Maria Bird-Browne 10 acres of land on which sits the derelict Dulcina Hotel.

The accord, Walker said received an initial nod of approval from the Barbuda Council, without the presentation of a detailed proposal.

Walker, who is a member of the Barbuda Council, said the Council was “very quick” to approve, in principle, the request for the two to construct a small hotel.

“I am of the view when you are going to approve anything in principle, you should have a proposal before you do that, so that you are au fait with the details of what is going to happen. I thought the council was quite quick,” Walker said in an interview.

He added “Whenever you are going to agree to give lands in Barbuda, whether in principle or not, you should actually have the benefit of a detailed proposal. It does not make sense to agree to give lands without knowing the details of what persons want to do; you might end up in problems in the long run”.

The BPM head is appealing to the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) led council “to be careful and ensure that proper due diligence is done before approvals are done,”

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