Barbuda Council has no interest in meeting with PLH says Council member

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The frosty relationship between the Barbuda Council and the developers with the Peace, Love and Happiness (PLH) project seems to have no end in sight.

The Council has repeatedly voiced its concerns with the environmental impact of construction taking place in Palmetto Point and has even requested a stop-order, to halt the development.

During an appearance on Observer AM on Thursday, Chairperson of the Council, Calsey Beazer-Joseph, explained that – of late – there have been no discussions with the developers surrounding the issues.

“We have reached out to the principals of PLH in the past, of recent, no. The reason for reaching out then was to discuss environmental concerns within the Palmetto area and to date we still have not been able to discuss [anything].”

Beazer-Joseph says – on advice from an environmental expert – the Council would not be looking to further engage with PLH regarding Palmetto Point.

“What we have done we proceeded with engaging with other environmentalists and based on his assessment, we (the Barbuda Council) are not entirely keen sitting at the table to discuss the Palmetto Point development with the principals of the PLH anymore. We were advised that it is a project in a high-risk area and our position is that we will not allow our Lagoon and the fish and coral life to be compromised by this high-end project. We are not here to stop development, but any development has to be developed on certain expectations,” she added.

Meanwhile, the chairperson disclosed that – with the impending restart of the travel and tourism industry – discussions are underway regarding expectations for the local sector.

“We are actually scheduling a meeting next week with the hoteliers. The medical team along with some members of the Barbuda Council will meet with the hoteliers to discuss the way forward but The Council will have to meet first with the medical team to discuss protocols if necessary and then we will go ahead with meeting with the hoteliers,” she said.

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