Barbuda Council gets assistance to renovate lone Sports Complex

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With the continued drive to rebuild the sister island of Barbuda, the Sports and Youth Affairs Committee of the Barbuda Council got some major help in the revamping of the sports programme.

The High Commission of the UK and the Australian High Commission were the two latest entities who came on board as they will be covering the cost to renovate the Barbuda Sports complex.

The Committee hosted a delegation last Thursday comprising of key players in the very exciting renovation programme where they were also gifted with a number of sporting equipment for various sports such as basketball and tennis.

His Excellency Sir Rodney Williams Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda led the delegation which was also compromised of: His Excellency John Pilbeam, the Australian High commissioner; Her Excellency Karen-Mae Hill-Antigua and Barbuda’s U.K High Commissioner; Alison Cox; Geoff Parkin; Michael Joseph-President of the Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross; Dale Mercury Aide-de-camp; and Tamara Huggins from The Be Foundation.

The Council shared its gratitude via Facebook, sending special thanks to not only the mentioned donors but to Caribbean Courts, the coaching staff and other staff in the sports department and the young boys and girls who are energetically providing assistance in the resurfacing process.

The Sports and Youth Affairs committee continues to seek donations to aid in the rebuilding of sports on Barbuda.

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